Intended Learning Outcomes (SI)

Graduates are expected to be able to design, build, operate, and evaluate information systems in organizations to align with organizational needs and to produce technological solutions for organizations

Graduates are expected to be able to understand and apply the concepts of governance and management of information systems to achieve organizational goals

Graduates can apply computational and design thinking, conduct scientific analysis and writing and apply the values of Technopreneurship in creating product innovations in the Systems or Information Technology domain

Graduates can develop professional careers in computer science based on quality aspects, data-driven decision making, be responsible, and make continuous improvements

Graduates are expected to understand the ideas of the principles of morality, ethics and values in the IS fields and also to have the ability to apply ethical principles in decision-making to support community and environmental welfare

Graduates can think scientifically, work collaboratively, hold professional values, and are able to adapt in various working environments

Graduates are expected to apply ethical principles based on Pancasila values in decision making to support community and wider societies