Program Learning Outcomes (PTI)

Strong in the planning and development of teaching programs based on scientific design principles, educational science foundations, and information technology transformation principles under the conditions of the teaching environment, the form of learning space and time, the development of science in the field of information technology, student characteristics, curriculum substance, and applicable education policies.

Proficient in developing and managing information systems and information technology services to support technology-based operational processes.

Proficient in planning, designing, implementing, analyzing, redesigning, evaluating, and documenting the design of online and offline learning solutions by considering the needs of learning interactions, learning experiences, and instructional approaches.

Skilled in collecting, designing, processing, analyzing data sources in large quantities, both structured and unstructured, reveal a pattern using computational and statistical approaches to find solutions and produce useful information in decision making.

Capable of thinking critically and creatively in designing products and services in information technology and mastering legal and business ethical aspects in the field of information technology.