Elfi Atus Zahroh, S.Pd. IT Teacher at SMK PGRI 2 Malang

BPITE prepared me for a wonderfully diverse range of students. The program is one of the most challenging yet rewarding in the country and as a graduate you will be at the top of your professional class.

Nur Ahmad Fatihin, S.Pd. IT Teacher at SMK Queen Al Falah

BPITE gives you the best teaching preparation. I’ve spoken to a lot of teachers over the years who all had different undergrad experiences and programs. BPITE is the most comprehensive program out there.

Rudi Gunawan, S.Pd. IT Teacher at SMK Negeri Winongan

BPITE prepared me greatly! I learned how to forge connections with students and families and to connect their learning to their lives. I was given great experiences at BPITE that I still benefit from today.

Miftahul Ulum, S.Pd. Web Developer at PT. Arkatama Multi Solusindo

You should choose BPITE because you will feel so prepared to take on whatever role or job you can imagine when you graduate!

Jibran Fawaid, S.Pd. Back End Developer at PT. Brick Teknologi Indonesiia

BPITE provides opportunities for students to engage in meaningful experiences that prepare them for world we live in. Opportunities at BPITE are unmatched!

Syattya Permata Anugrah, S.Pd. Full-Stack Developer at PT. Bumi Amartha Teknologi Mandiri

My experience in the BPITE provided the opportunity to expand my skill set on my personal journey of being a life-long learner.

Rafid Agung Pradana, S.Pd. Learning Design Specialist at PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya

BPITE taught me not only how to analytically approach and solve problems, but the diverse course set gave me a set of experiences and tools that enable me to work flexibly, effectively, and creatively.

Khusnul Huda, S.Pd. Training and Development Specialist at PT. Beon Intermedia

Whenever I had any questions, the BPITE academic advisers and admissions office were very helpful and supportive of my decisions.

Rezza Ananda Yoanko, S.Pd. UI/UX Designer at Schoters

The projects you create in BPITE course can help you showcase your knowledge and gain interviews with future employers.

Arif R. Vinanda, S.Pd. Engineering Support Lead at PT. Advotics Teknologi Global

There are plenty of clubs, volunteer positions, and work opportunities at BPITE that will allow you to use the knowledge you have gained as a student.

Ricky Gunawan, S.Pd. Machine Learning Engineer at Indocyber

BPITE teaches you the fundamental knowledge and interesting topics. This can help you achieve certain goals in life but to be really well rounded, you should take the extra step and broaden your horizon.

Rendy Murdiyanto, S.Pd. Entrepreneur (Lokatara Founder)

BPITE allows you to reach new limits and certainly develops your problem solving skills and entrepreneurship.

Maurish Sofie R. B., S.Pd., M.Ed. Entrepreneur (Tier Up Academy Founder) & IT Lecturer

BPITE allows students to work closely with professors through teaching assistant placements and research opportunities.

Muhammad Syarifuddin, S.Pd., CIAR., CPS., CPW. Professional Mentor & Project Manager at PT. Riset Prestasi Indonesia

I have never once regretted attending the BPITE and I enjoyed the course because the lecturers made time to see me and they provided helpful feedback after assignments.