Vision, Mission and Goals


Being a center of excellence (center of excellence) in creating higher education entrepreneurial and development in the field of science and computer information technology at a national and international level (world class) through the integration of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.


  1. Produce graduates with high competent in the field of ICT, have entrepreneurial spirit and reliable so so that graduates are able to cooperate and contribute to national and international (world class).
  2. Develop knowledge and technology in the fields of informatics and computer through the integration of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi by promoting moral and ethical as well as supported by the development of a sustainable resource.
  3. Provide service to the community (stakeholders) through education, research and public service at national and international level.
  4. Increase the contribution and collaboration (cooperation) with various parties to develop innovative products and creations in the field of informatics and computer nationally and internationally.


  1. Produce graduates with high qualified as follows:
    • Has the spirit of Pancasila, have high personal integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Open minded, responsive to changes and advances in science and technology and social dynamics of social change, particularly with regard to their expertise.
    • Having the ability to apply the his knowledge and skills of technology.
    • Mastering the basics of science and knowledge and methodologies so as to discover, understand, explain and formulate a way of solving that is in the area of ??expertise.
    • Mastering the basics of science to be able to think, behave and act as scientists.
    • Being able to follow the development of knowledge and skills appropriate to the field.
  2. Produce research that can enrich science by discovering concepts, models, and a new paradigm in the field of informatics and computer based on morals and ethics in order to fill and support the regional and national development.
  3. Perform community service in the form of coaching, guidance and consultation in order to enhance community participation in the development and Increase cooperation and collaboration with various stakeholders to develop a variety of innovative and creative products in the field of informatics and computer.
  4. To develop competence in the field of certification of Informatics and computers at regional, national and international.