Master of Computer Science / Informatics

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Master of Computer Science / Informatics, FILKOM UB established by the Decree of Minister of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia No. 595/E/O/2014 dated October 17th, 2014 about Operation Permit of Departments at UB Malang. This master program organized in form of direct lectures that require students to attend a lecture in class. In addition, students are also directed to conduct a review of various latest methods/approaches (state-of-the-art) of particular topic from various publications of international repute. They will be guided to do some research by numbers of qualified doctoral lecturers graduated from various universities of international repute.

During their lecture, master students given flexibility to do in-depth/ specific studies in the 4 (four)major of interest areas that can be selected after getting the basic knowledge in the first semester. The major of interest areas that offered are:

  • Intelligent Systems. This major prepares students to be able to develop and implement intelligent algorithms on various systems in the form of software-intensive solutions, including intelligent embedded systems.
  • Software Engineering. Students are prepared to be able to perform in professional software engineering through a series of studies on various latest methods and software development process (state-of-the-art).
  • Media, Games and Mobile Technologies. Students are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills to be able to develop the technology / multimedia applications, gaming and mobile devices in a professional manner by reviewing latest methods and process development (state-of-the-art).
  • Information-Centric Networking. This field equipped students to be able to assess and develop current Internet network architecture, as an emerging network technology, which focuses on information to anticipate the explosion of data in today's era of big data.

More information about Master of Computer Science / Informatics FILKOM UB and registration can be accessed on the website or email to magister.ilkom[at]