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In general, Informatics is a discipline that studies transformation of data bearing based on computing machines. Includes several fields such as information systems, computer science, information science, computer systems and other informatics development applications. Informatics studies the structure, properties and interaction of several systems used to collect the data, process and store the resullts also display it in information form. 

The role of computer science that is part of informatics focus on computer programming and software engineering. Rooted in electronics, mathematics and linguistics, computer science base is a comprehensive understanding of the algorithms. Starting from the abstract analysis to concrete subjects such as data structures, artificial intelligence, to the user interface layout. This field overlaps with the field of information systems. But informatics is more focused on the fulfillment of human needs related to computer use. Therefore, needs to learned the various strategy of technology applications intended, without learned concepts and basic theory details of basic computer science itself (pragmatic). 

Informatics study program of FILKOM UB presents usage of information technology in problem identification process, data and information processing also problem-solving and decision-making in accordance with the principles of science and engineering. To support all of things above, Informatics study program  has 4 majors:

  1. Software Engineering (RPL) 
  2. Intelligent Computing (KC) 
  3. Computer Networks (JK) 
  4. Technology Game (Game Tech) 

With those 4 majors above, expected that graduates of Informatics Program Study have abilities to apply informatics capabilities, both hard skills and soft skills in professionalism fields. Some professions prospects that related to informatics are: 

  1. Software Engineer 
    Have a role in software development for various purposes. For example, software for education, telecommunications, business, entertainment and others, including software for model and simulation. 
  2. System Analyst and System Integrators 
    Have a role in analysis of system in an institution or company and make integrative solutions by utilizing the software. 
  3. IT Consultant 
    Participate in planning and evaluation of IT implementation in an organization. 
  4. Database Engineer / Database Administrator 
    Participate in databases design and maintenance (including data warehouse) to an institution or company. 
  5. Web Engineer / Web Administrator 
    In charge of designing and building the website along with a range of services and facilities running on it. They are also have a responsibility to maintain and develop the website. 
  6. Computer Network / Data Communications Engineer 
    In charge of designing the network architecture, also perform maintenance and network management in an institution or company. 
  7. Programmer 
    As system programmer or application developer, Bachelor of Informatics really needed in various fields, such as banking, telecommunications, IT industry, media, government institutions and others.
  8. Software Tester 
    Related to the software size, informatics graduates can also act as a specialized software testers who responsible for the correctness of a software function. 
  9. Game Developer 
    With various informatics skills including computer graphics, human computer interaction, etc., an informatics graduates can also act as a software developer for multimedia games. 
  10. Intelligent Systems Developer 
    With various artificial intelligence techniques they learned, an informatics graduates can also act as a software developer that intelligence such as expert systems, image recognizer, prediction systems, data miner, etc. 

In addition to the professional fields above, Informatics graduates can also work in other fields. For example, in education or in the field of science become a researcher at research institutions such as LIPI, BPPT and R&D Departments of companies.