Guidance and Counseling

In their studies, the students have problems that happen in their life, both academic and non-academic issues. The problems that happen may affect their accomplishment. Solution of these problems depends on students ability and sometimes it does not end with positive result.

Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University (FILKOM UB) as part of an international educational institution that cares about needs and problems of students, provide services that aim to help students to solve their problems, both academic and non-academic issues. Hopefully with these services are able to provide support for students to increase self-sufficiency in carrying out the study and prevent or resolve problems that can affect their learning process.

The puprose of Counseling Unit is :

  1. Realising students potential optimally, both for their interest and society.
  2. Placing and adjust to their environment constructively.
  3. Solve student problems realistically.
  4. Make decisions about various options rationally.
  5. Implement concrete decisions and responsible for the decision taken.
  6. Develop a plan for a better future.

 The function of Guidance an Counseling and Academic Advisor as :

  1. Distribution: The function of guidance to helping students find their good environment
  2. Adjusment (adaptation): The function of guidance to help students adjust to their environment, social environment both residential and learning environment.
  3. Prevention: The function of guidance to help students avoid the possibility obstacles in delelopment of self-learning to achieve success.
  4. Development: The function of guidance to help students develop themselves optimally to achieving success.
  5. Improvement: The function of guidance to help students improve their condition are deemed inadequate.
  6. Adaptation: The function of guidance to help students of Brawijaya University adjust to the circumstances of wisdom.
  7. Guidance and counseling officers while maintaining confidentiality of student related to guidance and counseling purposes.

The Counseling Unit service program includes:

  1. Troubleshooting assistance services, both academic and non-academic counseling / consultation.
  2. Provision of information to students about the various things that are useful for the development of personal, social, and career studies students.
  3. Training services to students in small groups (10-15 people) for the development of personal, social, and career studies, with themes such as study tips success, pleasant personality development, how to improve emotional intelligence, and so on.
  4. The provision of referral services to faculty trustee for students with academic problems, and other referral services.
  5. Provides psychological testing tools such as personality tests, tests of character, interest and potential tests, tests of learning styles, and the other as a tool and supporting student learning.

Some of the benefits obtained by student in consultation with FILKOM Counseling unit:

  1. The problem addressed by competent experts in their field.
  2. Provide a solution that is more focused and professional.
  3. Identity and issues of confidentiality maintained.