Other Services

Certifications In addition to providing services in the field of academic teaching, Computer System Studies Program also provides services to the general public and students, especially students of Information Technology and Computer Science, University of Brawijaya to obtain certification program include:

  • CISCO Networking Academy
  • IBM DB2
  • National Instruments

  Guidance and Counseling Services to Students Academic Mentoring by Academik Counselors (PA) at the beginning of each semester associated with charging Card Study Plan (KRS) by students.

  1. Results: Guidance at the time of preparation of the Study Plan Card (KRS) in each semester; student entering data in SIAM system but should first consult to faculty trustee based the rule-based academic handbook faculty and lecturers will validate the student stuffing; result of counseling processes are efficient, professional and students greatly helped by this system.

BK Employee (Psychologist) at the beginning of each semester of study related to Result Card (KHS) by students. Results:

  1. Guidance with a family approach to the issue through guidance counseling students who are not only just academic problems; more subjective and temporary; very effective in dealing with problems of individual students.
  2. Guidance with a family approach through guidance counseling to cope with personal problems so that students can help students' academic achievement.

  Interests and Talents (Extracurricular)

  • Futsal
  • Photography
  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Homeband
  • Merpati Putih
  • Choir
  • Pencak Silat
  • Nature-Lover Students / Students' Mountaineering Club
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Menwa / Student Regiments
  • Formasi
  • Pool
  • Theater
  • Tennis

  Soft Skill Development

  1. Organizational activities of the PKK MABA committee.
  2. UB Student Activity Unit (UKM).
  3. Student's participation in the PKM contest

  Scholarships Offer a various of sources of scholarships, administrative support services to meet the administrative requirements to obtain a scholarship. Types of scholarships are offered: Based on the 2006-2011 Strategic Plan of the UB, UB scholarship policy as follows: 1) Grantee UB (A) are classified into three categories as follows:

  1. Scholarship for those who are not able / poor scholarship is for students who are not able / poor.
  2. Academic merit scholarship is a scholarship for students who are high academic achievers and is now ranked 10 (ten) major courses at UB.
  3. Non-academic merit scholarship is a scholarship for students who excel in non-academic level of the National / International or active student at MFI-UB (Institute Sovereignty Students - UB).

2) Employer / sources of scholarships (B) are classified into three categories as follows: Scholarship is funded by the Higher Education (Higher Education), namely:

  1. TPSDP (Technological and Professional Skills Development Sector Project).
  2. For Student Aid (BKM).
  3. Improved Performance extracurricular (PPE).
  4. Activist Scholarship.

Scholarship funds are sourced from UB, namely:

  • UB-free SPP.
  • BBM (Student Learning Assistance) Old Students.
  • PPA (Improving Academic Achievement) Students Students Old & New.

Scholarship funds are sourced from companies / banks / private sector / foundations, among others:

  • Student Fee Assistance (BBM).
  • BBM Maba
  • Bidik Misi
  • Ethos
  • Pertamina
  • PGN
  • PPA
  • PPA Maba
  • Toyota Astra
  • Newmont
  • Im-Here
  • BKM
  • Supersemar
  • Angkasa Pura
  • BTN

Health All students get health services at the UB polyclinic.