Vision, Mission, and Aim


Being superior courses in science education and development in the field of Information Systems at the national and international level through the integration of Tri Dharma University 


Mission Information Systems courses UB is: 

  • Organizing the education system that is effective, efficient, accountable and sustainable in order to produce graduates of Information Systems. 
  • Produce graduates who are competent in the field of Information Systems, entrepreneurial (entrepreneur) and can play a positive role in the national and international level (World Class). 
  • Increasing the contribution and collaboration with various stakeholders in the community by developing products and services in the field of Information Systems at the regional, national and international. 


  • Produce quality undergraduate Information Systems and professionals who are able to compete in the field of assessment and application of information technology at the national level. 
  • Building organizational and internal management institution that supports the achievement of a healthy academic atmosphere conducive, efficient utilization of resources and processes that are competent. 
  • Establish a cooperative research and public service with outside parties in favor of increasing the availability of internal resources and improving the competence of scholars produced. 


"Tan-Tan-Te-Te" (Tough, Responsive, Right, Secured) 

Promulgation of Service 

"Providing the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of service users"