Student Organizations

For now, students of information systems still affiliation Student Association Informatics department of information systems which has a separate division to accommodate all the needs of students in terms of organization and community. Studies Program Information System also joined the Student Executive PTIIK and PTIIK Student Representative Council. 

Student Executive PTIIK 

EMIF (Executive Student Information) is an executive organization in charge of running the government Informatics Engineering Student Association. EMIF is headed by a chairman elected through the electoral process and have a cabinet that consist of a general secretary, treasurer, and chairman of the department. The term of office of the Chairman of the EMIF is in a period of one year. learn more 

Student Representative Council PTIIK 

BPMIF (Informatics Student Representative Council) is a student organization that is tasked with monitoring the performance of the EMIF and channel the aspirations of the students of Informatics. BPMIF is a body composed of three representatives of the youngest generation. In the period 2011/2012 management, BPMIF members come from the class of 2008, 2009, and 2010. The selection is done by members BPMIF PEMILWA. learn more