Quality Assurance Organization

To improve the quality, relevance, efficiency and meet the demands of the new paradigm of university management that prioritizes quality improvement on an ongoing basis, informatics engineering courses UB establish a Quality Assurance Unit which is part of UB's Center for Quality Assurance. 

The main purpose of the establishment of the Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) is to realize an Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA). That is expected to guide the planning and implementation of academic effort, increased resources, procedures, activities and evaluation procedures. With their duties and functions as an institution to monitor and improve the academic quality of a computer system on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the vision and mission set and meet the needs of the community, the workplace and professional needs through the organization Tridharma. Preparation of academic documents on an ongoing basis as a foundation that is expected to be part of the system and working mechanism (institutional) in Computer Systems Prodi UB as a support SPMA which is derived from an UB. 

Quality Assurance Unit has the duties and functions as follows: 

  • Setting standards of academic quality level of the Department; 
  • Implement a system audit and compliance audit on a regular basis; 
  • Submit the audit report with its recommendations in writing to the Chairman of the Department; 
  • Monitor, evaluate, and perform follow-up analysis of the implementation of the approved recommendations. 

UJM Team conducted by the Chief Information PTIIK through SK number 03 of 2014. In the decree lifting personnel as follows: 

Fajar Pradana, S.ST, M.Eng. as Chairman 
Aryo Pinandito, ST, M.MT as Secretary 
with Member: 
1. Diah Priharsari, S.T., M.T. 
2. Fajar Agung Nugroho, Kom 
3. Nadia Soraya 

Document system 

SK UJM Information Systems | download 
Quality Standards | download 
Strategic Plan | download 
Work Program | download via Electronic Data Information System Accreditation (SIDEA). 

Forms for alumni tracer study PTIIK particularly Information Systems courses can be downloaded here.