Head of Information System's Messages

Yours sincerely.

Welcome to the official website of Stdy Program Information System, Program of Information Technolugy and Computer Science, University of Brawijaya .

Along with the development of computer technology that very quickly, Information System course aimed at mastering scienceand informatics engineering skills based on the ability to undetstand, analyze, assess, implement, and create software in the computer processing. In addition, graduates are expected to have the ability to plan an information system and mastering the basics of science and information technology as a basis for the development of further study. 

Infromation System study program aims to meet the need oh proffesionals human resources in the field of information technology. In addition, to bridge between the interst of the industry and profession community with the interest of academic, then drafted a curriculum based on competency, wich in addition to the core charges, given also charges that support the local knowledge base of applied and engineering software. Hopefully, through this program can be produced graduates who are competitive, entrepreneural spirit, and have adequate information technology insight so do not stutter when it came time to apply their knowledge in the community.