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Computer Science Student Association
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HMIF first established on 29 April 2011 which was passed by Congress Engineering Students. Currently HMIF is part of the student organizations that shelter under PTIIK. The purpose of HMIF are:

  1. Sovereignty Student Engineering Program Information
  2. Personality Student Engineering Program Information
  3. Students professionalism Engineering Program Information

From the above it is clear that the purpose of HMIF have the following functions:

  1.  Containers and Means Personality Development of students PTIIK
  2.  Scientific development and student Kecendikiawanan PTIIK
  3.  Sharpening and the Potential students PTIIK
  4.  Moving the vision and mission of the student movement
  5.  Community Service
  6.  Channel aspirations, empowering and unifying the student PTIIK
  7.  Connecting students with all elements PTIIK and UB