In the beginning, Computer Science Program Being established in 2002 under the Department of Mathematics, Fakulas Mathematics and Natural Sciences. While informatics Engineering Program was founded in 2007 under the Faculty of Engineering with Software Engineering name, as is the development of the field in the Department of Electrical keminatan. And then changed its name to Information Technology. 

In Developments Furthermore, due to the similarity between the Computer Science Program and Information Engineering, the coding system of Higher Education Studies Program (Direktoran General of Higher Education) and the recommendation of APTIKOM (Association of College of Informatics and Computer Science), then in October 2011, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito mngeluarkan as rector of the UB UB Rector Decree number 516 / SK / 2011 dated October 27, 2011 on the establishment of the Information Technology Program and Computer Science (PTIIK), equivalent to the Faculty which is a combination of both the study program. 

Furthermore, under PTIIK, formed 3 Study courses, namely: Informatics Studies Program, Study Program of Computer Systems and Information Systems Studies Program.