In the framework of future development, Computer System Studies Program which is part of the Information Technology and Computer Science (PTIIK) UB collaboration with several educational institutions, both domestic and from abroad. Not only cooperate with the institution, but Computer System Studies, which is part of a joint research PTIIK also developed several government agencies and companies, including:

Intensive cooperation

  • PTIIK UB has made combination of intensive cooperation with one of the best current ICT giant, IBM. Some assistance has been provided by IBM include PTIIK the academic needs can use all of the IBM software product by the number of thousands, of free and licensed.
  • Supporting training and assistance in the management of the hardware PTIIK use of IBM software intensive.
  •  Provision of IBM Certification DB_2 Academy to all PTIIK UB community.

International Cooperation

  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki Japan.
  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi Japan.
  • Faculty of Engineering, Pukyong National University South Korea.

Cooperation of the Interior

  • State Polytechnic Samarinda.
  • Faculty of Engineering, University of National Education Denpasar.
  • Terri BAPEKAB.
  • Navy Academy (AAL).
  • Indonesian National Police (INP).
  • Housing  Tirta service of Surabaya.
  • Department of Housing East Java.
  • PII (Indonesian Engineers Association).
  • Department of Public Works Papua.
  • Department of Transportation Lumajang.
  • PT Petrokimia Gresik