AIM 12th Cycle

  • Document Vision and Mission
  • Strategic Plan
  • Work Program and Quality Goals
  • Academic Guidelines can be downloaded at this link
  • Quality Manual
  • Quality standards
  • Performance Forms
    • Forms can be downloaded for a limited performance through the Electronic Data Information System Accreditation (SIDES).
  • Procedures Manual
  1. Document Management System Manual and Records
  2. Corrective and Preventive Action Procedures Manual
  3. Product Management Policy Procedures Manual
  4. Internal Audit Procedures Manual
  • Business Procedures Manual and Services
  1. Student Evaluation Procedures Manual
  2. Printing KRS Procedures Manual
  3. Input Values Procedures Manual
  4. KKNP Procedures Manual
  5. Attendance Data Recap Lecturer Procedures Manual
  6. Selection Transfer Program Procedures Manual
  7. Short Semester Procedures Manual
  8. Thesis Procedures Manual
  9. UTS & UAS Procedures Manual
  • Work Instructions
  1. Document Control Work Instructions and Records
  2. Corrective and Preventive Action Work Instruction
  3. Product Management Policy Work Instruction
  4. Internal Audit Work Instructions
  • Business and Services Work Instruction
  1. Evaluation of Student Work Instructions
  2. Printing KRS Work Instruction
  3. Input Value Work Instruction
  4. KKNP Work Instruction
  5. Lecturer Recap Attendance Data Work Instruction
  6. Selection Transfer Program Work Instruction
  7. Short Semester Work Instructions
  8. UTS and UAS Work Instruction
  • Forms Clarification on findings UIKPA Cycle 10
  • Forms clarification and summary of findings on surveillance of ISO 9001: 2008 by LRQA can be downloaded for a limited through Service Excellence Standards Checklist