Internal Services

In general, internal services for the Civitas Learning Laboratory PTIIK UB namely:

  • Software Engineering Practicum
  • Web Design Practicum
  • Basic Programming Practicum
  • Operating Systems Practicum
  • Algorithms and Data Structures Practicum
  • Computer Architecture and Organization Practicum
  • Basic Database Practicum
  • Embedded System Practicum
  • Computer Network Practicum
  • Artificial Intelligence Practicum
  • Special Platform Programming Practicum
  • Database Systems Practicum
  • Digital Systems Practicum

Its main activity is intended for students of all courses in the Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) ie Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology Education, and Computer Systems. In addition to practical activities, this laboratory is used for training, seminars, workshops, and certification exams organized by the academic community of FILKOM. For internal services, Learning Laboratory does not charge for borrowing facilities that exist in this lab.