Strategic Planning

Along with UB planning program and also based on results of analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, there are five main issues that will be faced by FILKOM (f.k.a. PTIIK) in next five years, namely:

  1. Improving Quality of Input, Process, and Output
  2. Organizational Restructuring
  3. Increased Competitiveness in International level
  4. Management of Resources
  5. Funding

Based on those fifth issues, focus and direction of strategy that will be done by PTIIK are:

  1. Raise the standard of facilities and infrastructure that are used in process of academic services
  2. Improving academic activities for needs of knowledge transfer (Reseach and Teaching Collaboration, Seminars, Conferences)
  3. Increasing scientific publications and popular lecturer in their field (Books, Journals, Magazines and Articles)
  4. Improving ability of organization through development of integrated information technology
  5. Improving quality of financial reports and preparing management information system based on performance
  6. Improve national and international competitiveness with national and international accreditation and increase international publications
  7. Increase motivation through increased prosperity and quality of human resources and develop entrepreneurial spirit:
    - Improving academic qualifications of FILKOM lecturer
    - Increase motivation of lecturer and academic staff either by increasing welfare and develop entrepreneurial spirit
  8. Maximize public relations or marketing capabilities both with media and other effective channels
  9. Aggressively pursuing cooperation with external parties (Other Universities, Government, Companies, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), financial institutions, etc.)


Direction, Development and Achievement Stages

To implement a good governance, FILKOM UB based on spirit and shared values. Based on spirit and good governance, development direction of FILKOM UB in next 4 years are as follows:

  1. Adding the number of Lecturer in accordance with standard ratio of Higher Education (DIKTI)
  2. Increase the number of lecturer scientific publications
  3. Produce useful products of Information Technology
  4. Doing Distance Learning
  5. Raising students level of competence who enroll in FILKOM
  6. Improving quality of human resources of FILKOM graduates
  7. Doing accreditation for entire departments
  8. Opening Software Engineering Department
  9. Opening Information Technology Department
  10. Opening Education Program of Information Technology and Communication
  11. Opening Graduate Program in the field of Computer Science (Master and PhD)
  12. Expanding cooperation network between FILKOM with corporation or institution nationally and internationally
  13. Improving welfare of lecturers and staffs
  14. Complete the supporting facilities to achieve FILKOM strategic planning
  15. Encourage lecturers to continue their studies