Program of Information Technology and Computer Science (PTIIK) was first established on October 27, 2011 refers to the Higher Education Decree 163 / KEP / DIKTI / 2007 on the arrangement and codification Studies Program and UB Rector Decree No. 516 / SK / 2011. PTIIK is a combination of 2 courses (Software Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science) in UB where both these courses have similarities and the suitability of the essence a discipline.

PTIIK currently have 3 courses and located in the old building of Polytechnic Brawijaya University, including:

  • Informatics / Computer Science (S-1)
  • Computer System
  • Information System

PTIIK intended to meet the standard of professionals human resource in the field of information technology, PTIIK expected to be able to linked the industry and the public interest with the interests of the academic profession. Based on that reason PTIIK develop competency-based curriculum, which is supported by the knowledge base of applied and engineering software. Through this program, PTIIK expected to produce graduates who are competitive, entrepreneurial spirit, and have adequate information technology insight to support the advancement of the nation.