Open Recruitment Assistant SISOP Odd Semester 2017/2018

Learning Laboratories open vacancy assistants for practicum Operating System, as for the requirements that must be met are as follows:


  1. Applies to all FILKOM students majoring in TIF.
  2. Already Taking Course Operating System.
  3. Minimum Operating System Course B.
  4. Honest, Diligent, and Responsible.
  5. Have a high Passion in Learning and Sharing.

Registration Files:

  1. Your CV.
  2. KHS which shows the course of Operating System has been taken.
  3. Pas Foto baru 6 × 4 close up. (Formal)
  4. Data above in Pack with format (* .zip) Format: SISOP17_name_nim

Delivery Limit dated September 7, 2017 [21.00 GMT]. If more than the specified time it will not be in the process.

Send via email with Subject: OR_SISOP17_Nama_NIM

Send to: labjarkom.ptiik@ub.ac.id

Be part of our Sisop Assistant Team. Learn, Share and Fun. Show Your Passion !!