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Saga University offered Scholarship of Master and PhD Program

Takehiko Yamato, Professor of Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Advanced Technology Fusion, Saga University visited Faculty of Computer Science/FILKOM (f.k.a. PTIIK) on Thursday, September 17th, 2015. Its visitation was aimed to gave information about scholarship program for Master and Ph.D in Saga University.

Explained by Takehiko Yamato that for post-graduate student (Master and Ph.D) study with specialization in the field of Science and Engineering there are two kinds of programs offered, (1) Post-graduate Program for Global Advancement (PPGA) and (2) Strategic International Postgraduate Program (SIPOP). The scholarship that could be used for PPGA is Monbukagakusho Scholarship, a scholarship from Japanese government. Receiver of Monbukagakusho Scholarship will get a scholarship that includes a monthly allowance in amount of 145.000 Yen for three years, transport allowances and free from all tuition. For SIPOP, the participants could use a scholarship from Saga University. With that scholarship, student will accept monthly allowance in amount of 70,000 Yen in the first year and 40.000 Yen for second and third year, also free from all tuition for three years which totaled 2.231.400 Yen. The participants of PPGA and SIPOP program not required to have a skill in Japanese language because the class will be held in English. More information about PPGA can  be accessed at http://www.sao.saga-u.ac.jp/englishHP/nyusi.top.english.htm.

On that occasion, Herman Tolle, Dr. Eng., S.T, M.T as one of the lecturers in FILKOM that got his doctor title form Saga University shared his experience.  Herman explained Saga University located in Prefecture Saga, that is a comfortable place for studying because of its calm atmosphere.
“Not similar with Tokyo, Saga is a comfortable place for studying. Moreover living cost in Saga is also much lower. If you get monthly allowance 145,000 Yen per month and according to my experience you can still saving the 50 percent of that monthly allowances," Herman said.

For additional information, there is also a Saga University Program for Academic Exchange (SPACE) 2015 – 2016. It is a special program which designed for international students from universities around the world which have had an agreement with Saga University. Besides learning about their major, SPACE participant will be also given the chance to learning about the history and social life of Japan. There are 2 programs of SPACE which can be choosen, there are SPACE-E and SPACE-J. Space-E is allocated to undergraduate students and the lectures will be given in English. Meanwhile Space-J can be apply by undergraduate and postgraduate who have a certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test/JLPT level 2 or more. Some major in Saga University for Undergraduate program (S1) are Culture and Education, Economics, Medicine, Science and Engineering and Agriculture. While for graduate program (S2) there are Education, Economics, Medical Science, Science and Engineering also Agriculture. SPACE program 2016 will begin on early April, 2016, so the registration can be done before it with fulfill requirement which can be accessed at this link http://www.irdc.saga-u.ac.jp/ja/interest/file/SPACE2015-2016.pdf. [dna]