M. S. KASH IQBAL: How to be The Unstoppable You

How do some students perform so much better than others? Why are so many people unhappy with their careers? What can everyone do to be the best they can be? How can we balance between our work and life?

Various questions above often cross in most of people minds during their life, similarly with students of Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University (FILKOM UB). To increase soft skill of FILKOM students so that they can answer all question above, at Thursday (30/3/2017) FILKOM held a guest lecture “Unstoppable You” by M. S. Kash Iqbal, an international speaker and trainer. Kash Iqbal was born in Kashmir and when he was 16, the age when people usually attend their high school, Kash already took his study at Premedical Program di Cornell University, USA. After graduated Kash take another bachelor degree in major of Robotics Engineering at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and also bachelor degree in Legal Theory. At all major Kash always included in top 1% best graduate. Not only skilled in academics Kash also a creative student. It is proved by his act during his role as collage student Kash also done some creative things such as created social media campaign that attracted million followers in facebook, held 200 events in 2 years and taught thousand youths in Malaysia. 


In his presentation Kash said that based on his life experience he figure out that human in this world always do different thing, but only few of them that conscious about what they do. Most of people born in this world and then they just act like what other people do and said. When people in their early stage of life as baby or kids it can be undertand that they act based on their parent, teacher or elderly said. But for grown up it will just became a recipe of disaster. A grown up people should be act based on what they conscious about their self. An adult should understand who they are, what their goal in life and what they want to achieve. They have to completely understand all the responsilities that they have to take from their act.

“It is reality that no body knows who you are. Even you do not know who you are. Especially you. You have absolutely no idea who you are and it is a hard work to be able to discover who you are,” Kash explained.

In a journey to find your self Kash explained that there are some important things to be considered. First, do not let other people opinion become reality until you try it by yourself. Kash said that you should not blame other people if you can not reach what you want, because that will not make anything better. Start every positive changes from yourself. Second, experiment and try everything. When you learn something new it will change how the way you see the world and life. You will never know you are expert in something if you never try it. Everyone literally is a blank canvas. They can be what they want. But it did not happen because they did not even try, because they just do what other people usually do and they are afraid with judgement from society. Third, No matter what you do, whenever you start you will be really bad at it. Everyone need a process and hardwork to be an expert in something.

“Even Shakespeare did not speak English when he was born. He has to learn A B C D just like me and you. The only thing is when he is master in it. It becomes whole different story. We know what happen there after. When you start something, in the beginning you always bad,” Kash explained.


Fifth, university is the most free time in your life. You have to use that wisely. If you think you are busy now, you can wait until you are an employee and you will know what busy means. This is the time when you try to find out what you really want to be and what you really want to do. If you are not doing this now you will not able to do it later. Because you will not have free time just like now. Sixth, throw away idea that university is a place to sit and listen to the knowledgeable people. University should be the time for someone to prove what they believe earlier. Seventh, motivation is not something that last longer. Therefore when someone feel a motivation to do something positive, they have to do it immediately. Because if you postponed it then the motivation will be fade away as time passes.

“The idea if university is just to sit in a class listening to knowledgeable people is wrong. It is not university. That is not the way how people learning. University is about challenging what you believe about the world. Challenging about what you believe early, about you knew, and then coming other people who think differently with you. You have to think why do they think differently with me, what they know but I do not know and how to make me know even more. Here at university is not where you just learn about subject, here the time you discover who you are,” ungkap Kash. [dna/pic by edw]