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FILKOM Vocal Group Won 3rd Place in Brawijaya Olympic 2015

Representative of Faculty of Computer Science/FILKOM (f.k.a PTIIK) won 3rd place at Brawijaya Olympic (OB) 2015 in Art Category of Vocal Group that held at UB Widyaloka Building on Friday (25/9). Rusjda Widya Rahmani (Information system/2013) as coach of FILKOM vocal group revealed that on that event FILKOM team presented 2 songs. The obliged song was sung “Moving on” from Andien and selected song were performed “Diam Diam Suka” from Cherry Belle.  Overall FILKOM team performances were presented interesting and unique, so be able to entertained the judges and the audience.

“We expected messages of those two songs can touch the heart of judges and audience” Rusjda said.

The judging criteria were used on OB 2015 vocal group competition based on three main aspects, there were technique, artistic and performance. Technique judging include homogenitas, sonoritas, attack and release, phrasing, tempo and intonation. Artistic judging include dynamic, arrangement and harmony of song and music. While the performance judging include ethics on the stage and fairness of their attitude.
“We have been praticing for about two weeks in preparation for participating in this OB 2015,” Rusjda said.

For additional information, there were 12 vocal groups of faculty representatives in University of Brawijaya participated in that competition, they were from FKH, FIB, FISIP, FP, FILKOM, FIA, FAPET, FTP, Vokasi and FMIPA. From the judge’s evaluation, FIA won the first place, FISIP was the runner-up and FILKOM was the third winner.

These are the 9 students who joined in FILKOM Vocal Group:
1.       Danang Aditya Wicaksana (IF/2014) – Kahon
2.       Harry Bali Kusuma (SI/2014) – Guitar
3.       Gogot Alam Anpurnan (IF/2014) – Bass
1.       Clara Pusparani (IF/2014) – Sopran 1
2.       Muhammad Isradi Azhar (IF/2014) – Tenor
3.       Aprilo P. Polii (Siskom/2014) – Bass
4.       Vina Meilia (IF/2014) – Sopran 2
5.       Ruly Margaretha Pangemanan (SI/2014) – Alto 1
6.       Joniar Dimas W (Siskom/2014) – Bass

*Update of Brawijaya Olympic FILKOM Kontingen can be accessed in official twitter @kontingenFILKOM and IG ob.kontingenfilkom