FILKOM Juara Umum ke 3 MTQ UB Ke 11

FILKOM Got 3rd Place in 11th MTQ University of Brawijaya

One more important event organized by UB has been accomplished. 11th Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ), held for three days on Monday - Wednesday (23-25/3) in Widyaloka has been going well. Faculty of Computer Science/FILKOM (f.k.a. PTIIK) as one of participants made an accomplishments as 3rd Place Winners in that competition, after Faculty of Science (1st place) and FT (2nd Place). These results are obtained because of hard work of FILKOM representatives that elected through selection hold by Organization of Islamic Studies Al-Fatih Muslim Drenalin (LKI-AMD), one of Semi-autonomous Organization (LSO) in FILKOM UB. FILKOM representatives became winners in 9 branches of competition from a total of 13 branches competed. Those 9 branches that won by FILKOM are as follows:


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Cabang Perlombaan

Perwakilan FILKOM


Juara 1 Fahmil Qur'an

  1. Muhammad Riyyan Royhan
  2. Ats-tsani Muhammad Avicenna El Qudsy
  3. Ahmad Nur Royyan


Juara 1 Hifdzil 1 Juz

Ahmad Nur Royyan


Juara 2 Hifdzil 5 Juz

Ats-tsani Muhammad Avicenna El Qudsy


Juara 3 Hifdzil 10 Juz

Muhammad Riyyan Royhan


Juara 2 Qira'ah Sab'ah

M. Syamsuddin Yusuf


Juara 2 Tartil



Juara 2 Desain Aplikasi Qur'an

  1. Fuat Muzaki
  2. Nur Ardi Herdiana
  3. Mochammad Umar Al Hafidz


Juara Harapan 1 Debat Bahasa Arab

  1. Ats-tsani Muhammad Avicenna El Qudsy
  2. Isnaini


Juara Harapan 1 Tilawah


However explained by M. Fahrul Alam Y. as official of FILKOM representatives in the competition, that those achievement expected not made all of participants became too complacent, but continually strive to achieve glorious achievement.
"Keep in mind that the struggle is not over. Various efforts will be made to achieve a glorious achievement. Because Islam teaches that tomorrow should be better than today," said Fahrul who also in charge as secretary of LKI-AMD. [fahrul/dna]