A.S.A.P, Dirty Air Filter Smart Device Made by FILKOM Students

Inspired to provide solutions for problems of smog that occur almost every year because of forest fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra, students of Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University/FILKOM UB (d/h PTIIK UB) make a smart devices, which serves to filter dirty air and named as Automatic Air Pollution Vacuum (ASAP). Five students majoring in Computer Systems 2014 creator of A.S.A.P is Bagus Prasetyo, Hedy Pamungkas, Rafi Fajar Hidayat, Fungky Pandu Fantara dan Yandra Charlos.

Described by Bagus that A.S.A.P is a smart device that will automatically vacuum the dirty air or pollution were detected in the air. A.S.A.P has three sensors are used to detect smoke, carbon monoxide and air temperature. The way A.S.A.P works is after detecting the pollutants in the air, the device will be activated to vacuum air in four stages of filtration.
"The first screening is done by foam with quite tenuous density, followed by Pre-Filter, then there is PreCarbon-Filter and latter are filtered with high density carbon and has the function of removing odor," Bagus said.

Moreover, A.S.A.P designed with environmental friendly concepts utilizing solar power panels as a source of power. Furthermore A.S.A.P have ability to analyze quality of air that has been filtered and then sends it results of analysis data to Internet to be accessed by public. Thus through the internet public will be able to determine levels of pollution before and after the air filtration. Bagus and his team have made software to access results of air analysis data for various platforms, among others, websites, android mobile applications with names A.S.A.P, as well as Twitter for A.S.A.P.

A.S.A.P also made Bagus and his team become the first winner of Hardware category at event Blue Techno Festival Bandung in early February 2016. In that event Bagus and his team compete with 16 other teams from various universities in Indonesia, among others, PENS, ITS, Telkom and Trisakti University. Nevertheless Bagus claims will continue to develop A.S.A.P and bring it on bigger competition.
"We are happy, because we did not think would become the champion. We had just thought to simply gain experience before attending the bigger competition such as Gemastik or Comfest and PKM," Bagus said. [dna]

* Video about A.S.A.P can be viewed at following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYWcCtR-PAo.