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Optimization Techniques For Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Dan Decision Support System
Mayor: Network, Software Eng, Embeded. Minor: KCV, Mobile, Information System
Data Mining, Neural Network, Mobile Application
Pattern Recongnition, Computer Vision, Expert System
Mobile Application Development, Image Processing, Web Engineering, Information Extraction, Human Computer Interaction, E-Learning
Requirements Engineering, Software Reuse, Service Computing, Business Process Modeling & Management, Object And Agent Technologies, Knowledge Engineering
User Experience, Information Systems Analysis And Design
Pattern Recognition And Digital Image Processing
Data Mining, Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision And Digital Image Processing
Computer Network, Wireless Sensor Network, Internet Of Things, Pervasive And Ubiquitous Computing
Data & Information Management
Infirmation System, Intelegent System, Image Processing
Data Mining, Sound Processing
Geospatial Intelligent Computing & Software Dev
Software Engineering, RPL, Requirement Engineering, Software Testing, Software Design, Game & Simulation Development
Game Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, Computer Graphics
Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Software Design, Software Testing, Software Maintenance
Control System, Robotics, Embedded System, Geospatial Data Acquisition
Control System, Robotics, Embedded System
Software Engineering, Text Minning
Computer Network, Includes IP Multicast, P2P, CDN, Data Center And Networking
Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Bioinformatics
Internet Of Things, Network Security , Wireless Network, Distributed System, Vehicular Network
Strategic Planning For Information System, Software Testing, Software Engineering, IS Audit
Information System, Web Development, ICT In Education, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Applied Statistic
Software Engineering, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development
Analog IC Design, Digital System, Embedded System
Information System Strategic And Information Technology Planning
Cryptography, Security, Privacy, UX
Web Design, Programming, UI/UX, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development
Delay Tolerant Network
Digital System, Computer Organization And Architecture, Embedded System
Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, Software Design, Software Testing, Software Maintenance, Software Evolution
Pattern Recognition, Data Visualization, Machine Learning
Data Mining, Management Information Systems, Enterprise Modelling, Decision Support Systems, Strategic Planning For Information Systems,
Signal Processing, Embedded System, Speech Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing
Multimedia Network
Software Engineering
Signal And Circuit, Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Mobile Application, Wireless And Fiber Optic Communication.
Digital System, Robotics, Embedded System, Geospatial Data Acquisition
Software Engineering In Education
Computer Networks
Game Artificial Intelligence
Educational Data Mining, Affective Engineering, Affective Computing
Design Web, Mobile Apps, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Games Design
Information System, E Bussiness, E Commerce, IT Governance
Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Instrumentation And Control
Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithm, Computer Vision And Image Processing, Information Retrieval, Decision Support System
Information Retrieval
Peer To Peer, Delay Tolerant, Wireless, And Auto-Config Networking Technologies
Web Design, Web Programming, UI/UX, Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Distributed System
Display Game Technology
Data Mining & Text Mining
Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction
Text Mining And Natural Language Processing
Web Development, Mobile Development
Network, Multimedia, Network Security, Multicast
Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligence System And Optimization
Image Vision
Artificial Intelligence For Game
Information System
Datawarehouse, Decision Support System, Usability Website, Customer Relationship Management
Pattern Recognition, Mobile Applications, Human-Computer Interaction
Information Retrieval, Text Processing, Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing, Web Programming, Mobile Application
Wireless Network, Multimedia Network, Software Defined Network
Image Processing, Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligent, Pattern Recognition, Mobile Application
Geoinformatics, Information System, Web Programming, Basic Programming.
Computer Network, Mobile Adhoc Network, Project Management
Robotika, Biosensor, Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomedical Statistics, Embedded System.
Information Retrieval
Image Processing
Image Processing, Medical Imaging, 3D Imaging, Text Detection, Microcontroller Applications, Business Online, Internet Marketer, Internet Of Thinks
Augmented Reality
Database Administration, Datawarehouse, Data Mining
Computation Mathematics, Wearable Computing, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Web Programming (minor), Information System (minor)
Network Programming, Network Security, Networking And Server Administration, Software Defined Networking.
Information System, Project Management
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Text Mining
Business Modelling


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