Terms of Internship Application in PT Badak NGL

Informed that students submission of internship (PKL) application through each Head of Department in PT Badak NGL, starting in 2015 has been applied new provisions as follows:

  1. PKL program held for minimum of 1 (one) month and maximum of two (2) months
  2. Have a minimum GPA 2.75 proven with copy of Academic Transcript Legalized by concerned university
  3. Regular Plane Tickets for PKL Students from applicant's home city to Balikpapan (Round-trip) is not given anymore except for students from poor families, proven with Certificate of Disadvantaged (form attached) as attachment of PKL proposals
  4. For other allowance such as accommodation during PKL in Plant Site Bontang and transportation Balikpapan-Bontang (round-trip) are still given by PT Badak NGL accordance to previous applicable provisions
  5. PKL proposals application and all requirements file that must be attached can be submitted one (1) year before implementation of PKL, to:
    Training Manager
    PT Badak NGL
    Bontang, East Kalimantan 75324