PT. Magicsoft Asia Systems GO Developer

Magicsoft Asia Systems is a Singapore based IT Solution Provider. It was founded by a group of young and creative software engineers back in year 1997. We have built up a good image as to develop and deliver quality proven, high-end applications for various industries. Our vision is to help our clients to extend their productivity and service quality by making use of our cutting edge technologies. Our product ranges from wireless application, mobile applications, web based application to two tier and three tier applications. We are a startup provider in Malang, East Java Indonesia looking for candidate to participate in our team who are incredibly professional, disciplined and focused.

Position: GO Developer

Smartgopher Team

We're a small (but growing!) group of people who value self-improvement, honesty, and humility. We like people who do everything to the best of their ability, but accept their limits. The problems we're trying to solve can be tough, and no one person has all the answers. But we're excited to try and find solutions, and you should be too.

In terms of technical expertise, you'll:

  1. Know all about Linux and be comfortable in the terminal.
  2. Have a solid track record of Software development in an open source environment in any language.
  3. Have an active GitHub account.
  4. Have a knowledge of databases, such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others
  5. Feel comfortable reading another language code, even if you don't write it.

It would also be great if you:

  1. Are knowledgeable in a range of software tools and languages.
  2. Thrive working in a dynamic team.
  3. Tend to be a naturally inquisitive, active participant in the architecture of software. We love recommendations for relevant tools and new processes.
  4. Really enjoy refactoring towards clear goals.
  5. Full time working in Malang, East Java

 We don't need anything fancy, just tell us who you are, send to us your active GitHub account.

Send your application letter, portfolio and CV to:

or you can send to our office:
PT. Magicsoft Asia Systems
PJ Tower Lt. 3 Perum. Permata Jingga The West Area A-24 Malang