Information System

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Is form of communication system which its data is represented and processed as social memory form so that the information system is able to support human decision-making and action. Combination of information technology and human activity to support operation and management, nedeed a system that synergies between information and communication technology components with human resources. Those, realize a system that capable to support the needs of organization or community based on a pre-defined work procedures.

Advance on research and organization of computer systems, information systems involved in organization management of software and hardware. In the field of information systems, will be a lot of coordination with the intersecting fields such as Systems Engineering and Informatics related to development of technology software applications and methodologies. These areas have a strong attachment.

Program study of information systems in FILKOM UB focuses on improving managerial capabilities of information technology, communication and human resources which expected to create a system that able to accommodate the needs of the rapidly growing information. 

Some jobs for information system graduates, such as: 

  1. Database and E-Business
    Making database systems and related businesses
  2. System Analyst 
    Systems analysts, program designers before it is built
  3. Programmer Analyst 
    Similar with systems analysts, but more specifically with program development 
  4. System Design 
    Have a role to design the system
  5. Database administrator 
    Being the administration of a database system
  6. Information Technology / Information Systems Consultant 
    Information systems consultants, corporations focuses on services that related to information systems
  7. Web Developer 
    Web builders specifically in database system and its scope 
  8. Web Designer 
    Builders of specific web design that related to art and aesthetics
  9. Entrepreneur in IT Business 
    Creating entrepreneurs in IT
  10. IS Auditor 
    Information systems auditors
  11. IS Project Manager 
    Manager of project that related to information systems