Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

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The Computer Engineering will be run with the power of three main elements, the human (brainware), software, and hardware. Is an electronic network that consisting of software ang hardware that performs a particular task (receive input, process the input, and provides output in the  information) run over the will and commandents of men, and hopefully could help ease the humans work with their daily activities.

The computer engineering field to apply more emphasis to increase the application of technology, methodology of software, infrastucture system management, disjoint with the engineer system, computer engineering is closely related with to how to build, organize, and apply a system, the system whereby to simplify of human life.

Studies Program of the Computer Science Faculty UB Synergize human intelligence with sophisticated software technology and hardware reability to realize an intelligent system that can improve human welfare.

With the high demand for power computer engineering where the application implementation / automotion control using computers began to be applied. some that related with the field of computer engineering are:

1. Networkig 

In this field will be related with telecomunications network that is important in todays world. Requirements to work in this field should mastering switching technique,  operate computers and networking. thse days many companies are using network to exchange data, therefore this capability is alot of people graduates computer engineering it.  

2. Robotic and Automation 

The ability to analyze the dynamic system, vision, and intelligence to control a robot and hardware in the industry. In the industry, robot is in need to facilitate the work of man.

3.  Digital System 

Ability of engineering and design digital equipment based on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). Usually phone companies like Indosat, Telkomsel, etc. is in dire need this proffession. 

4. Computer System Management

Ability in the planning and management of the company/organization based on computer technology.

5. Mobile Technology and Embedded System

Ability to design and develop systems related to mobile technology and embedded system. In this proffesion is very rare Indonesian people who can design and develop mobile technology, therefore this proffession very rarely found in Indonesia. 

6. Help Desk 

Help desk is include with technical operator. A helpdesk should be able to operate  stand alone PC, Operation System, Internet installation, anti virus, back up/restore/data recovery, PC troubleshooting, data convertion, programming technique, vector images, database, basuic HTML,. Helpdesk is include second levels in qualifications level in the field of the help desk.