The Granting of PPA and BBP PPA Scholarship Brawijaya University 2014

Brawijaya University will held a selections to choose the grantees of PPA and BBP PPA scholarship 2014. PPA scholarships will be given to students who have high achievement. Meanwhile BBP PPA prioritized for students with excellent achievement but economically disadvantaged. 

Scholarships will be awarded to 2,500 UB students with grades Rp.350.000/ month/student for at least one semester or six months, with the following provisions: 

  1. S1 or D-IV Students minimum on second semester and maximum on Semester VII; 
  2. D-III or vocational Students minimum on second semester and maximum on Semester V; 
  3. Have minimum GPA 3.00 (for PPA) and minimum GPA 2.75 (for BBP PPA); 
  4. Applicants must be an active students on even semester of academic year 2013/2014; 
  5. Students are not in scholarship contract with other parties. 

Process of election until disbursement of PPA and BBP PPA scholarship as follows: 

  1. Faculty conduct the election of eligible recipients through (students do not need to register). 
  2. Faculty verifies eligible candidates. PPA prioritized for students who have the highest GPA and/or has the best performance on extra-curricular activities; Whereas BBP PPA prioritized for economically disadvantaged students who has a good performance. 
  3. BAK/Kesma UB verify potential recipients to avoid double scholarships.
  4. BAK/Kesma UB announced the grantees through website and the announcement by the Faculty.
  5. Within 5 days since the announcement, grantees must do on-line confirmation, whether will take the scholarship or not. Then fill out the scholarship application form, complete the file and upload required files (KTP, KK, KTM, Last Salary Slip/ Parents Income Statement with materai Rp. 6.000 for entrepreneur, certificate of national or international achievement.
  6. If within 5 days the candidates did not do on-line confirmation, the candidates considered to resigning/ fall, then the Faculty will find another qualified candidate as a replacement. 
  7. UB Faculty and Student Affair Unit Leaders held a meeting to determine the recipients of scholarship.
  8. Process of publishing Rector Statement about PPA and BBP PPA Scholarship Grantees.
  9. Process of providing a bank account number for the candidates. 
  10. Process of scholarships disbursement to DIKTI.
  11. Scholarship disbursement and finished. 


  1. The selection process begins in mid-April 2014. 
  2. Disbursement of the scholarship will be announced in advance. 
  3. Guidelines for Scholarships and Tuition Fee Assistance PPA 2014 can be downloaded on the web:
  4. Further information about these scholarships can asked to Faculty/ Program Student Affair Unit. 

* Flowchart of PPA and BBP PPA scholarship disbursement process can be downloaded at