Supersemar Scholarship Program 2014

Supersemar Scholarship Program 2014 re-offers to Brawijaya University students, with requirements below :

1.  Minimum GPA 2.50;
2. In 3th - 10th semester of lectures;
3. Diligent and have a good character;
4. Come from an underprivileged family;
5. Must have UB email dan blog.

Files needed :

1.  Legalized Odd Semester Lectures Result (KHS) Academic Year 2013/2014;
2. Copy of Student Identity Card (KTM), also add your contact number ;
3. Parents Salary Statement;
4. Underprivileged Statement from RT/RW.

Registration files submitted to PTIIK Student Affair Unit (A1.10) not later than February 25th, 2014 at working hours. Unqualified files will not be processed.