PT NIKOMAS GEMILANG Scholarship Academic Year 2013/2014

Related to PT NIKOMAS GEMILANG Scholarship offers, below are requirements that must be met by applicants ;

1.  Do not get scholarships from other foundations or companies;
2. Students who are in fifth semester and will undergo sixth semester at the beginning of 2014;
3. Minimum GPA 3.00;
4. Graduate on eighth semester and willing to undergo 2 years working contract;
5. Required to have UB email dan blog.

Files needed :

1. Legalized transcript ;
2. Fill out the scholarship application form (can be downloaded at );
3. 3 pcs of Photo (size 4 x 6);
4. 1 pc Copy of ID Card (KTP);
5.  1 pc Copy of Student Card (KTM);

Create a Biography written in English (800-1000 words) that describes personal profile, biography, lectures condition, student activities, career plans, knowledge of the footwear industry, how to adapt with culture and working environment of multinational corporations;

7. Copy of foreign language certificate such as English, Mandarin, etc., as a support and to increase the assessment; 
8. Make a statement letter stating that the documents submitted are original and has not been modified.

Submit registration files above in PTIIK Student Affair Unit (A1.10) not later than December 29th, 2013. Ineligible files and files that does not submitted on time will not be processed.