BUTIK - CIMB Niaga Scholarship Program

CIMB Niaga and Kemendikbud RI held scholarship program called Beasiswa Unggulan Teknologi Industri Kreatif (BUTIK). This scholarship program allocated for maximum 25 years old students who already have an active business for at least 6 months. BUTIK scholarship program will be realized with the provision of education costs, living expenses and capital subsidies. 


  • Indonesian Citizens 
  • 25 years old (when following scholarships) 
  • Students from State or Private University in Indonesia minimum in 5th semester at the S1 level education and / or minimum in 3th semester at Vocational / Polytechnic (DIII) 
  • GPA of 4 semesters in a row at least 2.75 (4.00 scale) on S1 education and / or have GPA of 2 semesters in a row at least 2.75 (4.00 scale) at Vocational / Polytechnic (DIII) 
  • Having an active business at least 6 months, especially in the field of Creative Industries 


  • Has been implementing business initiatives/ business oriented to provide solutions for eco-social problems 
  • Able to provide effective business development plan, which sustain and provide improved benefits to the community 
  • Being able to provide Strategic Plan Usage of CIMB Niaga banking products as the driving pace of business development 
  • Passed selection process set by CIMB Niaga and Kemendikbud RI 
  • Has not receive any scholarships from the other institution or company 

Files must be prepared: 

  1. Photocopy of KTP and NPWP
  2. Transcripts (legalized) 4 semesters in rows at least 2.75 (4.00 scale) on S1 education or GPA 2 semesters in rows at least 2.75 (4.00 scale) on vocational / technical colleges (DIII) 
  3. Photocopy of student card and an university statements of active student 

Registration period: September 9th to October 31st, 2014 

Online registration can be done through the following link: http://scholarship.cimbniaga.com 
Further information can be accessed at www.cimbniaga.com